When Language Runs Dry #2 and #3 reviewed in Zine World

when language runs dry #2: A collection of essays and comics by people living with chronic pain and illness: Crohn’s, back trouble, depression, panic disorder. Emphasis on coping strategies—helpful to know even if you’re not currently in pain. (There’s an essay on how to react helpfully and supportively to people with chronic disorders.) Contains a list of books and other resources. –MC

when language runs dry #3: This is a comp zine for people with chronic pain and their allies. I loved this; it is easy to read, has great pictures/illustrations, and the stories from folks living with pain are eye-opening. Stories range from an account of a person who was hit by a car while riding her bike to work and now lives with a brain injury; an entry that focuses on having a disability that isn’t visible and how others react to the disability; thoughts on saying no to outings with friends due to fear of aggravating existing pain, etc. This is packed with great information and includes a reading list (books, blogs, media). Highly recommended. –Stephanie K.

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