The first review of issue #3!

Amber wrote a sweet review, saying really nice things about the new issue of When Language Runs Dry over at her blog this week. She is always up on what is new and good in the world of zines. If you need new reading material and are into zine reviews, add her to your feed… you won’t be sorry! Thanks Amber!


When Language Runs Dry #3

The third issue of When Language Runs Dry is finished, just in time for the Portland Zine Symposium! If you aren’t in Portland you can find it in the etsy shop.


When Language Runs Dry #1 reviewed in Zine World #28

when language runs dry: a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies:  A variety of contributors share their own or their loved ones’ chronic pain stories, offering a window into the issues chronic pain sufferers face such as trouble with self-identity, depression, frustration from loved ones and friends, and doctors ignoring a sufferer’s truth about his/her own body. Moving and heartfelt, this zine helps build a bridge of understanding and empathy between sufferers and non-sufferers. Color cover with illustrations throughout.